List of products by brand Times Microwave

Times Microwave Systems (TMS) is a subsidiary of Amphenol Corporation (NYSE: APH) and part of the Amphenol Military and Aerospace (AMAO) division.  We design and manufacture high performance coaxial cables, connectors and cable assemblies for military, aerospace, telecommunications, industrial RF and microwave applications.  For over 70 years we have been committed to innovation, quality and the development of new products for demanding applications.

TMS was instrumental in developing military specifications, including MIL-C-17 for coaxial cables and MIL-T-81490 for Transmission Lines.  We are the leading source of MIL-C-17 qualified products, holding more QPLs (Qualified Product Listings) than any other manufacturer.  Additionally, TMS products meet rigorous MIL-T-81490 and MIL-C-87104 requirements.

TMS developed the popular LMR® product line to serve the burgeoning wireless market.  Responding to the need for higher interconnect density we developed innovative microwave multi-port connectors.  More recently, we developed products based on SiO2 and TF4 phase-optimized dielectric technologies.  TMS has a long history of introducing next-generation transmission line products, and by constantly improving and expanding the product offering, remains fully committed to that leadership position.

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